Kauai Through My Eyes is the perfect blending of 2 of my favorite things: Photography and Kauai.

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I have loved photography for over 30 years.  Having started out with 35mm equipment and my own film developing lab in my bathroom, I am a classically trained photographer who still prefers to capture the shot “in the moment” – even since migrating to digital. I have nothing against post-production with Photoshop, and have dabbled with that a bit, but I prefer a more natural look in my work.

I have a spiritual connection with every element in my photography practice: my camera, my lens, the flora, the fauna, the land, the weather – everything – and I work with all of these to capture the very essence of the subject matter and to visually tell the story that’s there to be told.

As nearly anyone who’s been here can attest, Hawaii is one of the most magical places on the planet.  Many people, including me, believe that within Hawaii, Kauai is the garden spot in terms of magic and majesty.

The very first time I set foot on Hawaiian soil, I knew Hawaii was home.  The very first time I came to Kauai, I knew Kauai was where within Hawaii I wanted to live.

Kauai works with me in extra special ways to capture her essence and beauty and document her stories in images. Every picture I take of her is imbued with her love and energy, and those that choose to take my pictures into their lives share in the benefits of that love and energy.

I’ve created this site to share the magic, energy and love that is Kauai with everyone.  My photography of Kauai is available for sale, both for personal use and commercial use.  Please CLICK HERE to enter my gallery and see what Kauai has to say to you.


With warmest Aloha,